ITAt SEG it's all about service. We will always go the extra mile in order to structure innovative and masterly solutons in ways you would not have expected. Our services are not only extremely valuable and useful to your business or project but game-changing.

So why are our services so different?

We focus on what is attainable and what is realistic. Solutions will be structured in such a way that your returns are maximised and your service offerings superior. We stand out from the crowd because we are equipped with local intelligence, gathered from our creative collaborations with regionally based organisations . This empowers us with an in-depth understanding and empathy with the relevant market place.

Whether our clients are local or national, SEG can provide a solution to meet unique individual and business needs, supported by our core support and consulting competencies.

SEG offer the following services:

Consulting Services


Administrative Support Services

Joomla! Debug Console


Profile Information

Memory Usage

Database Queries