• Strategic Planning
  • Information and Technology Management
  • Financial Management
  • Small Business Development
  • Staff Augmentation/Personnel

Strategic Planning

We will define your strategy and direction, enabling timely decision making best suited to your reserves. We understand that your main concern is the day to day running of your business and that you do not always have time to attend to planning issues. Very often you are so busy keeping the balls in the air that you are not sure which direction they are going in! We will support you by carrying out reviews of where your business is at and plan ahead as to where you want to be in a set period of time. Without guidance and foresight, even the best businesses can fail. We can also help with motivation, benchmarking and performance monitoring. When change is a necessity, we will assist you to manage it. We will not get involved in your operational plans unless you need us to. Our focus will be on your mission and your company's vision but at the same time we will make it achievable and realistic.

Information and Technology Management

By working with you in the right way, we can help to transform your IT services into real-world business applications. In turn you will find that you are able to better deliver sustainable value throughout your entire company, merging both IT and the business operations so that you do not suffer from mis-alignment.

Financial Management

We partner with you to develop and implement financial systems, strategies, processes and controls that significantly improve P&L scenarios. By allowing us to manage your company's financial collateral, we can help you to achieve crucial business objectives whilst at the same time increasing value. So what sort of things will we help with? We will help you to process a series of strategic and essential steps that will enable you to take care of and regulate your finances. Budgets can be planned and analysed and discrepancies scrutinized. Long term aims and goals will be firmly on the agenda and decisions will be made that accordingly support and maximize these ambitions. We will show you how it is possible to renounce and change short term goals in order to better achieve those which are more crucial to the organization's growth and success.

Small Business Development

Let us assist you to get your business going in the right direction, augmenting its specialist talents and capacities to the fullest. We can help to locate appropriate training to suit your staffing and services or products whilst at the same time looking at the big picture and additional ways of improving your current offering. By working with us, you will find your business decisions are better informed, costly mistakes avoided and your plans not only fully targeted but also detailed enough to enable you to secure additional financing or grants if and when needed. On offer we also have confidential bespoke consulting services that enable us to work with you to boost your productivity and competiveness in what can be a complicated and challenging marketplace. We can also help with research, development and competitor analysis. Our goal is to provide you with a workable and effective blueprint from which to manage and grow your business.

Staff Augmentation/Personnel

Flexible Resource and Staffing Service:

Our personnel are not only specifically trained but also extremely skilled, responsive and professional. We are able to help you by providing staff that have the appropriate industry experience and prowess to represent your company in the best possible way. We cover every possible market sector and specialty, no matter the size of your company or the area in which you operate. Supplement your existing staff by using only the best from us. Achieve your goals in the best way possible with only the highest calibre personnel. They will fit in seamlessly with your corporate culture and way of working and bring with them not only the essential skills but also additional techniques and proficiency that you did not even know you needed.


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